Bizz Module – Part 7

The next step for the design was to build a website to show our portfolio and I decided to register with since I can’t afford a proper domain registration I will stick to wix that provides the service for free. For this post I made a first preview (print screen) of the body layout of my website and then the next two images are the frames for the website. First there’s a header which is very similar to my business card and then the body that will display the contents under the same influence/style.

Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 09.28.27

Website_Header Website_Body

Bizz Module – Part 6

Deadline is coming! Just a few days before the hand-in of the project and we’re going mad with so much to do for both business and major project 1st submittal! Here’s the preview of my Ultimate Image “poster”. Followed the grid used by cinema posters and some triangulation to build this piece, overall i think it looks cool with dynamic poses from previous animations I did over the years.

03 - Ultimate Image_FINAL03 - Ultimate Image_Final_with_Background

Bizz Module – Part 3

Finally got my business card sorted out! YAY! From now on I can start creating the other bits of the project! I started from the business card to make sure that the appearence of it would be exactly how I wanted to be seen!

For now here is the preview of my business cards:


Bizz Module – Part 2

So far my research is mostly done! I’m not good with explanations in english but so far I am pretty sure of everything I want to do for this module!

1 – Style: Simple, visually clean

2 – Colour Palette: between acqua/light green/dark purple-ish (names, text and info between green and dark purple with highlights in white)

3 – Gradient: yes please! colours still to be double-checked.

3 – Shapes: mix of rounded to simulate the artistic value of curvy lines as if the animator’s graph editor and some sort of horizontal lines to induce the idea of gradients within the colours, almost separating them.

4 – no patterns, keeping it simple.

5 – Bubbling: would like to give the idea of a subtle water drop on top of my background images, the meaning would be the huge amount of artistic ideas we get everyday (specially when inspired) and this is my visual perception of it.

More to come :)

Bizz Module – Part 1

First post here gonna be about Business module! So far been doing a lot of research, including styles, colours and shapes for a “familiar feeling” among my CV, blog, website, business card and cover letter. Been checking on all sort of different types, palettes and styles, literally.

Feels good doing this kind of research because its not only inspiring but makes me think of what kind of image and feels I really want to transmit to the world when approaching other professionals in the business. I’m still not sure of what to do because the chances are infinite, but I think I am keen to rounded shapes, kinda representing the animation workflow and curve editor, but oh well… more updates to come!